Friday, June 13, 2008

The Rabbitry

I am in no way endorsing the breeding of rabbits for profit, just to clarify the title of today's blog. I think that breeding is wrong, and I would personally never buy a pure bred. I know people that do, especially dogs, and I can kind of understand that, however I live in a 100% mutt household. With so many animals that need rescuing, why pay the kind of money that purebreeds cost? Visit your local pound or shelter for cats and dogs, and visit the House Rabbit Society for adoptable rabbits in your area. Enough ranting on that subject.

What this blog really is about is showcasing my wonderful rabbit items and paintings. Let the fun begin!

This is a doorbell I got as a gift awhile back; I wish someone would install it for me so I can enjoy it!

This is a poster I found second-hand, and I put it in a very nice gold frame that was given to me. I did have to buy the mat new, though I don't mind because it turned out so cute!

This I got at a going-out-of-business sale. Those are the best!

I saw this half off at Kirklands one day- it was originally $120, but I still didn't want to pay sixty dollars for it, so I passed. Then one day, at New Uses (a second hand store in our area though not exactly a thrift store) I saw the exact same painting for thirty dollars. It became mine.

I'm pretty sure I got this one at New Uses too though I can't remember for sure

My parents got me this one. It depicts a very bad sailor boy, however. You should never pick a rabbit up by the ears!

This was actually a postcard I bought at a bookstore, matted it, and framed it.

My college roommate got me these bookends. They're awesome and hold antique books that were given to me by my grandma.

This adorable egg cup was a gift.

I can't remember where I got this. Walmart maybe? Isn't that terrible. I really don't like to go to Walmart, but it's so close....

I got this rabbit canister the other day at a garage sale. It came in a grouping of four that the lady was selling for two dollars. The other canisters had various farm animals on them and had some chips. She offered me just the rabbit canister for only 50 cents! Sold!

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