Friday, June 13, 2008

More thrify finds - Some Photographs

An awesome tin breadbox which now stores some fabric

An adorable little footstool beautifully embroidered

A little bunny rabbit photo holder and a small candy dish
which doubled as a paperweight to keep the napkins from
blowing away at our wedding shower picnic

Several thrifty second-hand things here- the pillows, wool
blanket, and even the chair itself

These great metal boxes to store stuff, plus the little green tennis
ball holder thingamabob which I think would be great to hold flowers in moss

The lard tin was a buck and now holds the rabbit food.
The suitcases were handed down to me from Grandma.

A vintage red picnic basket topped with a wire basket full
with some of my vintage red-handled kitchen utensils

This calendar was only a dollar, even though it's over a hundred years old!

This Ice-o-Matic thing must have been once used to crush ice.
Unfortunately, the day I bought it, I dropped it and broke the little drawer in front.
It still makes for a good little storage area
for something like spare keys or perhaps change.

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