Monday, June 8, 2009

Double Digits! (And Some Baby Gear)

Woohoo! I just had to share with y'all that I finally made it to double digit followers (there's ten of you special peeps out there now)!!! Small potatoes, I know, however it still made me excited!

In other news, today I made some baby gifts for my mom's best friend's step-son's wife. Pfew. That was a mouthful. She's having a little girl, so I made her two of those crinkle toys that have been such a hit lately in blogland, and I machine appliqued a heart onto a onesie. Not the best applique job but at least you can tell it's a heart so it will do! I also got her a pair of little jeans for a couple bucks. Actually, I bought those pants awhile ago with no particular baby in mind but they were so cheap and cute I had to snatch them up, knowing that someone would have a baby girl sooner or later.

Gift Bag- Free (reused from one of my showers). Tissue Paper- free, once again reused. Card- on clearance for fifty cents at The Book Loft purchased awhile ago because I knew there'd be a girl baby born eventually.

Pants were a couple bucks; onesie was from a pack of onesies someone got Joel however I never even opened them because we had so many. I figured I could use the five onesies from that pack as gifts for others as I've done here. Do you regift like that or do you think it's tacky? Oh well, she'll never know!

Fabric, Ribbons, and Thread- from the stash. Crinkly stuff- reused some cellophane that I received the other day from my coworkers as a going away present. Not that their gift to me was cellophane. They all wrote a nice comment to me, and all the little note cards were wrapped in cellophane. And there was chocolate too. Dark chocolate. My favorite!


  1. I think thats great! We reuse bags & tissue all the time. Good buy on the pants

  2. cute stuff!!! Oh yeah, I love it when I get gifts in bags. That means I can reuse them! lol

  3. I think that is a great collection of things to put in the gift bag together! Yeah, for reused, created and cheap things!!!

  4. I re-gift all the time... Your taggy blankies are cute!!

  5. Regifting is fine with me! Some people won't dress their kids in scond hand (poor them, they're missing out!) but if its new why not?

  6. I have been toying with making some kind of tag thing for a upcoming baby gift. Like the cellophane idea! Now, to go through my box of used gift bags and see if I have any!