Saturday, June 6, 2009

Egg Carton Scriptures

I opened my carton of Aldi eggs and found this:

Do you find this odd, or is it just me? I've been getting Aldi eggs for awhile now (68c per dozen, woot, woot!) but never noticed that they put a bible verse on the carton. I had another carton sitting around (craft project... more on that in a little bit), so I checked it, and sure enough, the same passage was on that one too, however it was smaller and located in a different spot. I feel like I'd opened a fortune cookie or something. How did my egg carton know that I had a crappy day at work? That I had my last day at work. That I cried and cried as I hugged everyone good-bye?

My egg carton reminded me to rejoice and to be glad. I know that when God closes a door, he opens a window. I just needed my egg carton to remind me, that's all. Thank you, egg carton, for putting things into perspective.

So how exactly does one properly thank an egg carton? By stuffing it full of dryer lint and hot wax and setting it on fire, of course!

Yes, that's right folks. After I came home from sob-fest, I got busy making some firestarters. No work = no income = how are we going to pay the expensive gas bills this winter? Really we won't be scraping it that close since hubby is still working, however I figured we could utilize the fireplace a little more this coming winter. We didn't use it a single time last winter.

Yes, I realize it's technically not even summer yet, however don't you remember the story about the bugs? You know the one. Bug #1 works all summer long gathering food and storing it away while Bug #2 screws around the whole time and then finds himself up a creek without a paddle when winter comes. You better believe that I am Bug #1, baby.

Here's some photos of my not-very-glamorous-yet-oh-so-practical frugal friday project.

Everything you need for this project. Paper towel tubes, TP tubes, and/or paper egg cartons, candle wax, and dryer lint.

"I'm Melting! I'm M. E. L. T. I. N. G. !"

How pretty do these toilet paper tubes look, all cozy in a basket?

The finished product. Three dozen firestarters. That's enough to last me over one month!


  1. I'm so sorry you didn't get to keep your job.
    I have to tell you, though, your blog posts always make me smile. You always find the positive spin on things and you have a certain way with words :-) I'm drawing on your positivity and trying to put it to good use...

  2. Great project! Know anyone with sawdust or wood shavings? That works alsowith about a tea light amount of wax.. Sorry about your job...It sounds like ou are a gifted teacher and the kids will miss you for sure....I think what I miss most is contact with others with working from home.

  3. What a fantastic surprise to find inside the egg carton! I really like your frugal project. The firestarters are such a cool great idea, and it sounds really simple :)

  4. I'm interested to know exactly how most egg suppliers came to put that scripture inside of their cartons. When I was a kid this inscription was much more widespread in cartons than it's currently quote,however its still interesting. God bless them for shining the joy of his light so in today's sacular world! It seems the writer of this blog found it such a comfort in a defficult situation.All my best to them-