Sunday, June 7, 2009

Super Secondhand Saturday

I just love alliterations, don’t you? (okay, so I’m a grammar nerd…)

T-3 and I hit the big one this weekend. We went down to Victorian Village and spent all day at the community garage sales there. We didn’t even get to finish because they closed before we got all the way through. Actually, we didn’t even come close to finishing because not only did Victorian Village participate, but so did the Short North, Italian Village, and Harrison West.

We walked around for awhile and found some great stuff (more on that later), and then we went back to the car to grab our picnic lunch (we parked near Goodale Park). Hubby came and picked up the little one because he was severely slowing down our garage saling, plus I think it was just too hot for him. After some delicious egg salad sandwiches and tomato-cucumber-and-bean salad, we hit the streets once again. Our day finally concluded at about 3 pm. To say my feet hurt would be an understatement.

My favorite stop each year is the church. I wish I could be more specific but I don’t remember its name nor do I remember the street it’s on. They have the best stuff down in the basement for awesome prices (and it’s air conditioned, woot, woot!) This year I just bought baby clothes. All clothes were 3/ $1. I got seven pairs of 6-9 month baby pants and two 6-9 sweatshirts. I remember last year scoring some bunny Christmas cards (unused of course), and that’s what I sent out this past Christmas.

(Cue the techno music). Are you ready for this? Here’s what else I got:

  • A sunburn, free of charge.
  • Two small baby toys, also free of charge
  • A very cool bluish-green necklace for 75c.
  • A small metallic pendant for a nickel. Yes, you read that right, folks!
  • A pair of sunglasses for yours truly, 50c
  • A bread pan for a quarter, and a metallic soap dispenser for 50c. I found the soap dispenser in the bottom of a large box of crap. The lady didn't have any of it priced, and when I asked her how much it was, she said it was a couple bucks. What?! Are you insane, woman? Stuff from boxes o' crap should cost a quarter or something. T-3 said fifty cents and the lady agreed. (More on these items later).
  • Some blue fabric with black polka dots for 50c
  • A bag of kid tools, including a hammer, and also a toy circular saw for $1.25
  • Yellow no-scratch mittens (we can’t have enough of these) for 50c
  • A 12-month Christmas sleeper for 50c
  • And drumroll please…. An upholstered rocking chair for a mere $20. Can I get a “hell yeah?!”

I have a strict Do-Not-Bring-Home-Any-Chairs-or-I’m-Going-to-Divorce-You policy. But when my husband came to pick up Joel, I was able to convince him that we needed this rocker. We do have one upstairs that my parents got me for my birthday. It’s an oak one from Amish country. But our house has three levels, so we need one per level, right? Hubby reluctantly agreed to purchase this rocker as long as I agreed to get rid of one chair around here. And he said it has to be of comparable size. I can’t get rid of a kitchen chair in order to keep the rocker. Ouch. I can’t stand to part with any of my chairs. Click here to read more about my love affair with all things sit-uponable.

Here are the photos of some of my finds.
The blue fabric is from yesterday. The pepper fabric is from a thrifting outing last week. I thought it would make a nice apron or something.

Here's my stash o' necklaces. The big blue one is the one I got yesterday.

As promised, more on why I bought this nasty loaf pan and this metallic soap dispenser. I've decided to make a kid stove and sink, and these two items are going to make the sink. I'll just jigsaw out the holes on the top of this small cabinet we already have and drop these bad boys in. What I'm really excited about is that the soap dispenser just might be able to actually have water flow out of it because there's the reservoir underneath. How cool will that be if Joel can actually pump water from the "spigot" into the sink?! Also pictured here are two tiny enamelware pieces I thrifted last week for the kiddie stove. I'm addicted to enamelware. Some day I'll have to show you the mounds of enamelware that I've amassed. But not today, because I still have not shown you ... drumroll please....

The Chair! Jason thinks it's ugly. He wants me to recover it to hide the current upholstery job, but quite frankly I love it as is! What do you guys think? Slipcover or floral print?


  1. Wow, thats quite a haul! The stove/sink combo for Joel sounds great. I'm not sure about the chair..I love it but recovering would depend on which room you use it in? Sounds like you hit a thrifters parade!

  2. I think you should slipcover the chair and you might even be able to paint the rocking feet white to match everything in the house! I think the print is kind of hideous too :P I bet it is comfy though.

  3. I'm with you, love the chair as is. That said, the beauty of a slipcover is you can take it off part of the time!