Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WIP Wascally Wabbits on Wednesday

These Bunny Bowling Pins are the bane of my existence. They are so adorable, and I just had to make them, however as it turns out, sewing them is a major pain in the you-know-what. I hate stuffing softies and sewing the last hole shut. My contempt for these little buggers is multiplied because you have to fill them with rice. More rice landed on the counter and floor than in the rabbit.

The ears also were a source of contention. I did the ears of each rabbit a little differently, trying to find just the right stuff. I don't have any fusible interfacing so I tried various things like silk organza, stiff tulle, and used dryer sheets. A double layer of stiff tulle (from the bridesmaid dress) was the winner. Speaking of the bridesmaid dress, the red bunny is made from its fabric.

Another WIP is this here zippered pouch. "Wasn't this selvedge project supposed to be a water bottle sling?" you ask. Yep, I changed my mind. I thrifted a whole bag of vintage zippers and thought I'd actually use one instead of just looking at them with fear. Zippers are quite scary. I have no idea how to sew them, as evidenced by the chop job I did on this little pouch. I'm too embarrassed to show you what it looks like underneath the lace. Let's just say the stitching looks straight. If you cross your eyes and have a hangover. BTW, the lining is... you guessed it, bridesmaid dress! It's the dress that keeps going and going and going...

Lastly, here's a little growth chart I'm making. I only have one measuring tape, so this project is on hold until I can get another one. I'd like to find a vintage one at a thrift store however I won't hold my breath. This project also requires me to applique. *Gulp* Wish me luck.


  1. So thats where Mr Fat T Wabbit went! He looks much cuter at your house! Used dryer toss's are a great stablizer for applique. Looking for a good zipper tut for you as they are easy as pie one=ce you know how....but sew the seam (where the zipper goes) closeed your zipper in then open the eam back up looks great!

  2. Yeah the organza isnt strong enough to make those ears stand up. Organza is best for clothing in areas like cuffs and collars. Using the tulle was a great idea though!

    I can understand what you mean about zippers, that is how I am feeling about that serger. I think I am actually scared to death of it at the moment! And what sucks is that I can't sew anything until I figure out how to use it :(

    I love the patchwork of the growth chart!

    Sew, sew, and sew woman!!!

  3. Great job on the selvedge pouch - zips scare me too.

  4. I love those bunny bowling pins. The ears are super-cute :)

  5. Darling rabbits!

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    Linda & Dixie

  6. This looks so very cute. I love what you are creating.