Monday, June 1, 2009

Menu Planning Monday: Mexican Week

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Back to the Menu Planning.

Introducing...... (cue the trumpets, stage left)

Mexican Week! (We're going to be so sick of Mexican food by the end of the week...).

I can never exactly say when the leftovers will run out, so I'm not going to commit myself to making certain dishes on certain days of the week. Instead, here's some things I'll make this week, whenever I feel like it.

  • Nacho Rollups made with salsa rather than taco sauce, as long as I can get to the store and buy some eggs.
  • Mexican Shepherd's Pie (because we have some mashed potatoes leftover from yesterday's steak dinner... yum!). It's easy to make. Make like you would a normal shepherd's pie, but I add in corn and taco seasonings to the meat.
  • Ham and Salsa Muffins, complete with homemade English muffins to use up some yeast that's probably already gone bad
  • Texas style lasagna (note to self, pick up cottage cheese when you go buy eggs)

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