Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Garden Check-in

I'm still here, folks (Hi Katie; thanks for checking in on me!)

I got the call from my employer telling me that I can have a job back. A job, that is, not my job. It's a job that entails lots more work plus working throughout the summer for pretty much the same pay. Boo Hiss. I was really looking forward to being a stay at home mom, or at least to have six months with my son. Instead now I have an infant and even less time than before to spend with him. Don't get me wrong; I am glad to be working. I know there are lots of people who want jobs and can't find one. I understand that and am sensitive to that. I just had dreams of being a stay-at-home mommy and now my dream has crumbled.

I started back to work the day they called (last Tuesday). So that's where I've been. My school year has started already. My husband will be quitting his job to take care of our son because we really don't want to put him in daycare. Daycare would be half of his salary anyway.

So do you want to know what's ironic? I dragged my feet for years when it came to planting a garden. I finally broke down and planted a garden this year, and this summer, as it turns out, I have to work. Go figure. But anyway, here's some photos of my plant babies. Some people have "fur babies" ... I have plant babies :) I have two little peppers, a baby eggplant, and several little tomatoes.


  1. Well, he hated nights anyway & at least Joel will be able to have one of yoiu full time! It will give him a new appreciation for staying home. We miss your posts, glad to hear from you! The plants look great

  2. I can't believe you have those peppers and stuff already! WOO hoo! Nice to see the fruits of the labor. Jason just might have to help with the garden...

  3. That stinks. I work and it stinks having to leave in the morning knowing that my kids and hubby are all there...without me. It seems selfish that I would wish unemployment on myself...but I admit sometimes I do. It would be nice to have an excuse to be home with my kids!!! I know...I know...bad economy...I should be grateful. I am...most of the time!!