Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Kiddie Microphone Tutorial

I’m finally creating my first tutorial! I’ve mooched off of others long enough; it was high time for me to get creative. This is a ten minute project; just the way I like ‘em. Quick and easy peasy.

Go gather up the following items: small piece of black fabric, piece of silver or black ribbon (or any color would probably be okay), piece of silver fabric, tube from foil container (though a toilet paper tube would work as well, it’s just not as sturdy), a saw to cut the foil tube in half, hot glue gun, and a ball of yarn. Go ahead and grab your supplies. I’ll wait. *Whistles Jeopardy theme song.* Are you ready? Ok, let’s begin!

First I covered the ball of yarn with the piece of silver fabric (leftover from Mom and Dad’s 25th wedding anniversary lap quilt). Use your ribbon and tie the silver fabric onto the ball of yarn with a tight knot. I didn’t worry about the tail because it’s just going to be tucked into the tube anyway. In fact, I thought it was kind of cool looking. I could see making some of these to throw around like comets or meteors or something.

Next saw the foil tube in half. Yes, I actually used a saw. It’s sturdier than it looks! Then I ran a bead of hot glue around the top of the tube and secured the silver “comet” to it.

With your sewing machine, hem three sides of your black fabric. The top and bottom both need hemmed, as does one of the sides. The other side is going to be underneath so it will not matter. How big should the black piece of fabric be, you ask? Well that depends on your tube. Just make sure it’s wide enough to wrap around it with some overlap (I made mine a couple inches wider). You’ll want it to be a couple inches longer than the tube also for tucking it in at the end.

Here I used bright pink thread so that you could see the stitching better. I also thought bright pink gave it that rockin’-out-to-the-eighties vibe. (I used to have neon pink spandex, did you? No? Oh, me neither). I certainly did not use bright pink thread simply because it was still in my machine from the piggy and the crinkle toys. *Ahem* Moving right along…

Next you’ll want to hot glue the crap out of your microphone. I ran a bead along the top and along the side to make sure the black fabric stayed put. You see how the pink thread curves? I meant to do that. It’s not because I’m a half-ass sewer or anything.

Now simply tuck the remaining black fabric up into the tube and secure with more hot glue if you want to. I didn’t but that might come back to bite me in the rear later. Once Joel starts head-banging with this microphone and guitar softie, the fabric is probably going to fall out and need hot-glued. I’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

You’re finished! Go admire your handiwork. Grab your mic, some hairspray, and your cassette tape of Cyndi Lauper’s greatest hits and have a jam session in front of the bathroom mirror. I won’t tell anyone, I promise.


  1. I have got to see you in those pink spandex, haha!!! Good job for your first tutorial. People could also decorate the mic part with glitter or even decorate the handle in some way.

  2. So cute! Graham would love this! He thinks that everything is a microphone!! LOL!

  3. i saw a teenage girl in neon pink halter the other day--it was so weird! that's such a cute project!

  4. That is super cute... wish you had posted this before last halloween when my daughter made me buy a microphone so she could be Hannah Montana